A downloadable Atrocity for Windows

Have YOU ever wanted to fake your very own moon landing?

Now you can. Embark on an epic journey all around 1960's Brooklyn to find various components necessary for faking the moon landing.

Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it STEAKES?



  • Waaaay to many endings
  • Discover the amazing story of the REAL moon landing
  • Dumb humor
  • Not so dumb humor
  • ROADHOUSE  (Not the movie )
  • Fully voiced game and cutscenes

Why reloaded?

FTML had some pretty glaring issues when it was created for a game jam. Think of this as a director's cut.

Install instructions

  1. Download "Fakethemoonlanding.zip
  2. Extract the files


  1. Run "winsetup.exe"
  2. Set your computer preferences
  3. Hit "Save and run"
  4. Enjoy

Run without setup:

  1. Run "OperationStarman.exe"
  2. Enjoy


Fakethemoonlanding.zip 35 MB

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