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Birthplace is a point-and-click survival game about a young man on a quest to learn about and track down his missing father.

Welcome to Shadetown!

The first stop on Dan's journey: Shadetown, is populated by eccentric robed figures called "Shades". A shade's enchanted robe obscures their voice, height, face, and gender, allowing them to live anonymously.

Is this truly a Utopian society where your identity is represented by your actions, or an unsustainable cult of hedonists and cowards?

Set the mood:

Planned Features:

  • Day night cycle to bring the world to life
  • A cast of over 25 unique characters with backstories, personalities, and daily schedules
  • A dense, intricate open world
  • Meticulously designed areas where every object is interact-able 
  • Secret variables which manage in-game permutations for hundreds of possibilities!


Windows.zip 90 MB
BirthplacePostmortem.pdf 1 MB

Install instructions


Download ProjectBirthplacePre-Alpha.zip

Run winsetup.exe

Adjust the settings to match your computer.

Hit "Save"

Run ProjectIsland.exe


Development log

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